11/06/2015 12:06 EST | Updated 11/06/2015 12:59 EST

Autistic Boy Gets First Real Haircut Thanks To Genius Barber


A UK barber went to great lengths to help a young boy get his hair cut.

Mason, who was diagnosed with autism a few months ago, is terrified of haircuts. Because of his diagnosis, the sensory overload he experiences can result in physical pain, which is why haircuts can be overwhelming.

After his parents, Jamie Lewis and Denine Davies, struggled to find a hairdresser for him, barber James Williams was recommended to them.

Over the past few months, Williams has been experimenting with different ways to cut the boy’s hair. However, Mason “would run away on times if he wasn't up to it.”

Then, in a stroke of genius, the barber decided to take things down to the boy’s level, literally, instead of forcing him to sit uncomfortably in a chair. As a result, Mason had his first stress-free haircut experience.

“We both [laid] on the floor in silence and he allowed me to cut away and give him his first proper haircut, again achieving something in a job I love,” Williams wrote on Facebook.

According to the barber, he was able to gain Mason’s friendship and trust just by giving him a little extra attention.

At the end of Mason’s haircut, Williams asked for a high five, but got a hug instead.

On Facebook, the barber's post has received tons of positive feedback. One user wrote, “Truly amazing to [know] someone has time, patience and understanding with children that need it, top man.”

Another said, “I've worked with many special needs kids, many with autism, over the years, and people like you are amazing!!! Thanks!”


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