11/06/2015 02:27 EST | Updated 11/06/2015 02:59 EST

Calgary Chief Of Police Says Gun And Gang Violence Is Increasing

From the beginning of the year until Oct. 31, there have been 85 shootings.


Calgary's police chief says the city is still a very safe place to live but says there's no doubt there are more guns and gang violence than ever before.

Chief Roger Chaffin says it's an effect that all big cities go through and he wants citizens to know the Calgary police are taking the situation seriously.

The force is currently involved in five major operations regarding guns and gangs, with several others in the queue along with more than 85 other violence-related investigations.

From the beginning of the year until Oct. 31, there have been 85 shootings — 12 of them fatal and 73 involving either property damage or non-fatal injuries.

During the same period in 2014 there were only 51 shootings.

Chaffin says resources are being redeployed within the department to give him a sense of where the weaknesses are in the force.

He says there as many as 100 key perpetrators they are tracking in the city, but it's a very fluid group.

"When you think about gang violence traditionally, you think about communities and people wearing the same jackets for instance, but these people generally are very, very fluid, they come and go, they relate differently to each other from time to time and it creates challenges for policing to get on top of it,'' he said. "They can be standing beside you, in the same bar with you, in the same restaurant, you wouldn't look at it and say, `hey, there's a gang member standing there.' ''

Chaffin says new technologies have made law enforcement more complex.

"Everybody will have multiple phones and devices and computers with you and all those require forensic analysis as evidence-gathering and that's with every crime that occurs in the city right now.''

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