11/06/2015 12:31 EST | Updated 11/06/2015 12:59 EST

Calgary Cab Driver Captures Possible Kidnapping On Video

Calgary police are investigating the possibility of a kidnapping after a serious incident downtown was recorded on a taxi camera.

At about 10 p.m. Wednesday, two cars — a blue Dodge Calibre and a grey Chevy Cruz — stopped near a group of people on Stephen Avenue near First Street S.W.

A few men exited the cars and approached the group on the sidewalk, said police in a news release. After a short struggle, one of the pedestrians was forced into the Chevy Cruz, seemingly against his will.

Another man then deliberately blocked traffic in order for the Chevy Cruz to make a clean getaway.

A taxi nearby recorded the incident on its dashcam (watch above) but the footage was too blurry to catch either car's licence plate. Investigators have little information other than what the camera caught, and a report from the bystander who called 911.

Acting Insp. Rob Davidson said in a press conference that after watching the entire video, police feel that the situation was more than a joke.

"Our biggest concern is the safety of that male that was forced into the vehicle," Davidson said. "We want to find out who he is, and to make sure that he is safe and nothing further than what happened on the video has happened to him,"

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