11/07/2015 09:59 EST | Updated 11/07/2016 05:12 EST

Rare Glenfiddich Scotch Sells For $36K To Determined Vancouver Buyer

The bottle was the only one to be sold in Canada.

Bruce Langereis camped at the edge of a Vancouver parking lot for four wet days for his shot at getting a 50-year-old bottle of ultra-rare single malt Glenfiddich.

He walked away with the dark, silver-necked bottle — which had a $36,000 price tag.

"I will probably have the first drink out of it," said Langereis, of Delta Land Development Ltd., who plans to set the "showcase spirit" on the mantel at a bar his company built — Rosewood Hotel Georgia's Prohibition Bar — where one shot will cost salivating scotch lovers up to $2,000.

Some might ask: why?

"The taste, the textures, the sophistication of the fluids. There is a reason that a bottle costs $36,000," said Langereis.

Langereis was not alone in the lineup. Hundreds of scotch aficianados braved November rain to bag other bottles, with prices ranging from $60 upwards.

But the Glenfiddich was the ultimate prize.

Orange marmalade with a faint wisp of smoke

"These bottles are exceptionally rare. Fifty years old means it was put away 50 years ago and so it's a really exceptional layered flavour for a scotch," said April Kemick of B.C. Liquor stores.

"Some will collect it ... but there are people who do believe that good whisky should be poured. So some people actually share it with their friends if you can believe it," Kemick said.

The ultra-rare single malt is one of only 50 bottles available worldwide this year, and the only one to be sold in Canada.

"On the palette what it tastes like, is you get this sweetness that comes through like orange marmalade with a faint wisp of smoke, with a lovely, velvety finish," explains Glenfiddich scotch ambassador Mitch Bechard.

The sale is part of the B.C. Liquor Stores annual premium spirit release.

Joining it on the shelves will be whiskies, cognacs and bourbons from around the world. 

The Glenfiddich sold Saturday morning at the Cambie Liquor Store. The rest of the premium stock will be available at 30 stores across the province. 

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