11/07/2015 12:20 EST | Updated 11/07/2016 00:12 EST

Two men, one woman dead after U-Haul van collides with another vehicle in B.C.

MERRITT, B.C. — Police say three people are dead after a U-Haul van collided with a truck near Merritt, B.C.

RCMP say the occupants of the van — two men and a woman — died at the scene of the collision (on Highway 5A/97C) six kilometres east of Merritt on Friday evening.

Police say the truck was hauling a trailer containing crushed cars, and the driver and passenger of the vehicle were not injured in the crash.

Investigators say they aren't sure why the van ran into the back of the other vehicle, as conditions were clear, the road was dry, and the trailer lights were working and on at the time of the collision.

They say they are still trying to identify the victims.

The coroner and police continue to investigate.


The Canadian Press