11/09/2015 12:00 EST | Updated 06/20/2016 01:59 EDT

Last Legs: 7 Telltale Signs Various Parts Of Your Home Are Due For An Upgrade

Plumber doing some work under the sink. Tightening siphon.
AzmanJaka via Getty Images
Plumber doing some work under the sink. Tightening siphon.

Is your home seriously overdue for an upgrade? You’re not alone. Whether it’s your furnace making sounds straight out of a horror movie, a roof that threatens to come tumbling down or pipes in your wall that sound like a jazz band warming up when someone takes a shower, if you own a home chances are it need some work.

Check out these seven telltale signs that your home should be scheduled for an update:

  • Furnace
    Heating issues ranks among the top issue for homeowners. A furnace that struggles to keep the house toasty on a sub-zero winter day is no fun. Telltale signs your gas or electric furnace is due for an update include excessive noise, dirty filters, faulty thermostat or an ignition that intermittently turns on.
  • Water Pipes
    <strong>Water Pipes</strong>
    How old are the pipes in your home? Whether you have plastic or steel pipes, burst or leaking pipes are no laughing matter. Check your pipes on a regular basis for rust, corrosion, or buildup. If water is dripping where it shouldn’t, be sure to shut off the water supply before checking to see where the problem is. Call a plumber for large-scale issues.
  • Roof
    The roof over your head can be the source of a major headache if it starts to leak. Signs that repairs are needed include missing or curled shingles, cracked caulking, and large amounts of grit accumulating in your gutters — all of which are signs the roof has begun to deteriorate. Get ahead of the game by conducting periodic preventative maintenance on your roof to check for issues.
  • Water Heater
    <strong>Water Heater</strong>
    The typical water heater is usually pretty reliable, but it can occasionally run into issues. This includes rust coloured water, water that’s not hot enough or carries a strange odour. Be sure to shut off the power to an electric water heater before inspecting for issues and potential repairs.
  • Air Conditioning
    <strong>Air Conditioning</strong>
    Is the AC unit in your home making noises that sound like you might require the services of an exorcist? If your air conditioner isn’t cooling properly, those noises might just be an omen. Check the unit for potential drain line clogs, air filters that are need of replacement, or for debris that might be blocking air flow.
  • Gutters
    The gutter or eavestrough system around your home is just the thing that you forget about until something goes wrong. Gutters handle rain runoff and keep your home dry — until they have a hole, get blocked or are damaged by fallen trees and storm winds. Regular maintenance of gutter includes getting up there to inspect for leaky joints, removing standing water to ensure a consistent flow and clearing out debris buildup from leaves and other outside gunk.
  • Cover up those plaster walls
    <strong>Cover up those plaster walls</strong>
    Do your plaster walls look drab, dull or just plain boring? Add colour to your home by adding a touch of matte paint to tired looking plaster walls. Adding an ultra-flat sheen can assist in reflecting light, hide holes and cracks and overall lighten the mood for any room.