11/09/2015 02:36 EST | Updated 11/16/2015 01:59 EST

Mani Monday: DIY Vampy Leopard Print Nail Art

Inspired by the season's leather accessories, faux fur and leopard print.

Fall is upon us and you know what that means, right? Vampy makeup shades are back in regular rotation along with leather accessories, faux fur and leopard print. To fully embrace the fall season, why not sport some of these essential trends on your nails?

Leopard print nail art designs are relatively simple to achieve. All you need is a couple polish colours and a dotting tool.

To begin, determine which polish colours you want to use. It's best when you stick to three to four polishes -- one for the base colour of the leopard print, one for the leopard print spots, one for the lines around the spots, and one for the other two nails.

Metallic polishes are great for the spots as they add a little bit of sparkle to the look. And by using Chanel Châtaigne as the colour for the other two nails, it can also be used for the lines around the dots. Typically though, black is best used for these lines.

Paint three nails with the colour you chose for them, and paint the other two with the base colour for the leopard print. Once these are dry, you can begin creating the leopard print.

Taking the colour for the spots, apply a little bit to a larger dotting tool and create spots randomly on the nails. These spots don't need to be round or symmetrical -- just make it random. You can add a bit of a metallic polish over these dots to add more shimmer to the design.

To create the lines around the spots, take the polish you chose for this on a medium sized dotting tool and begin creating lines. It looks best when you make the two lines look like parentheses around the spot or two opposing C's. Also make sure to create little tiny dots in the blank space to make the pattern look a bit more realistic.

Allow this to dry for about 10 minutes before applying your topcoat to prevent smudging or bleeding.

Polishes Used: Chanel Châtaigne, OPI Be There in a Prosecco, Trust Fund Beauty Champagne Problems, and Dior State of Gold.

Kaitlyn Delano is a beauty blogger based in Toronto. You can find all of her nail art designs on her blog, Kaitlyn Elisabeth Beauty, as well as makeup reviews and tutorials.

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