11/09/2015 03:08 EST | Updated 11/09/2016 05:12 EST

Canadian Military Spouses' Pension Problems To Be Reviewed

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OTTAWA — The federal department in charge of retirement benefits has quietly been reviewing its protocols amid concerns that military spouses were wrongfully being rejected for old age security payments.

The review has been going on since at least June after reports emerged of one military spouse being asked for myriad documentation, including mortgage payment and high school graduation records, to prove her eligibility for old age security.

Her husband, a veteran, was easily approved for the payments.

Speaking points and background material provided to then-employment minister Pierre Poilievre in early June suggest the department should have approved the woman's application for old age security and that other military spouses applying for benefits should seamlessly receive them as well.

Employment and Social Development Canada says military spouses who have lived outside the country, have to prove their pension eligibility by providing proper documentation.

That documentation can include passport stamps, customs declarations, airline or train tickets, or a letter from an employer attesting to employment abroad.

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