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Spray-On Nail Polish Is The New Beauty Trend You Need To Know About

We can hear your non-dominant hand woes drifting away as we type.

Pop quiz: You're heading out for a night on the town with the girls and your chipped nails are looking a little rough. Grabbing that bottle of polish isn't going to cut it this time. What do you do?

a) Attempt to repaint them, only to have them smudge while you're getting dressed.

b) Keep them chipped.

c) Use spray-on nail polish.

Answer: c, naturally. And if you thought such a genius formula doesn't exist, think again.

British lacquer brand Nails Inc. have created the formula of the beauty future with their latest invention, The Paint Can. The polish, which comes in a graffiti-like spray can, is said to be "the world's fastest manicure," wrapping up in 20 seconds. (We can hear your non-dominant hand woes drifting away as we type.)

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If you're thinking, "Isn't this going to be a total mess?", worry not. According to Nails Inc., the excess polish on the skin can be removed quickly with water or a cleansing wipe.

On the brand's official site, Thea Green, founder of Nails Inc., writes, "After years in the making I am incredibly excited to be launching the Paint Can. Our customers have been screaming out for ways to reduce dry time and for quick, easy ways to apply colour when on the go. So voila, the Paint Can innovation was born!"

For now, only Alexa Chung, spokesperson, and our friends across the pond will be able to get their hands on the revolutionary product, which comes two colours (a shiny silver and hot pink). But hold tight, Canadians. We're expecting the product to come our way early next year according to an Instagram comment.

To learn more about the beauty product of our dreams, watch below!

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