11/10/2015 12:57 EST | Updated 11/11/2015 11:59 EST

Pop Danthology 2015: The Only Way To Dance To This Year's Best Music

Daniel Kim is back with another round of Pop Danthology.


The end of the year is near and for YouTuber Daniel Kim, this means taking us back to relive all of 2015's best music.

Pop Danthology is Vancouver-based Kim's ultimate dance music video of the year's best songs. Kim has been creating these gems since 2010 and it just happens to be one of our favourite mash-ups.

"I’ve seen a big decline in house music since 2013. Trap music appears to be trending more," he tells the Huffington Post Canada. "I select the best dance songs of the year as building blocks for the instrumental. Then I add catchy vocal parts, giving priority to the ones that are very catchy."

This year, Kim has put together a two-part music video (seriously, it was an awesome year for music) into almost 10 minutes of good tunes, good dance moves and catchy song lyrics you may have forgotten about.

"Pop Danthology 2014 took me a total of about 180 hours. This year I made two year-end mashups so it took even longer than that," he says.

From a mash-up of Taylor Swift to Jason Derulo to homegrown Justin Bieber (and of course, superstars The Weeknd and Drake), check out both parts of the video below. And if you want to see every song on Kim's list, check out his YouTube page.

Check out part two here: