11/11/2015 11:14 EST | Updated 11/11/2015 11:59 EST

Alberta Government Holds Off On Knocking Down Flood-Damaged Calgary Homes

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A house is submerged by flood water at a park near the Bow River in Calgary, Alberta, Canada June 22, 2013. Water levels have dropped slightly today. AFP PHOTO/DAVE BUSTON (Photo credit should read DAVE BUSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

CALGARY — The province of Alberta, which bought up 17 homes along the Elbow River that were damaged by 2013's flooding, is now holding off on knocking them down as the new NDP government is reconsidering what to do with them.

The former Tory government paid $49 million for the homes in southwest Calgary with the original intention of demolishing them because of flood risk.

However, now that the Springbank Reservoir has been approved, the NDP government is wondering whether knocking down the homes still makes sense.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi says he originally proposed the idea of redevelopment to the province.

He says some of the land might be able to be redeveloped and the homes may be able to be put back on the market.

He also says some of the houses may be exactly where berms are needed.

Infrastructure Minister Brian Mason says there is no timeline on when the issue will be resolved.

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