11/11/2015 04:39 EST | Updated 11/17/2015 12:59 EST

Alberta's Official Foods: Here's What You Picked

Halifax is considering making the donair the city's official food.


Halifax city council recently voted to dub sweet 'n' spicy donairs as the official food of the city, which got us wondering: what would Calgary or Edmonton's official food be?

We asked our Facebook readers to divulge what foods they think would represent each Albertan city best.

And you certainly delivered.

Calgary's top pick was ginger beef, which was invented at the city's Silver Inn in the 1970s.

As for Edmonton, green onion cakes were the most suggested dish, which isn't surprising as there's been a movement pushing for the snack to be recognized as the city's official food since 2013.

Here's a roundup of some of your other suggestions. See something we missed? Let us know!

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