11/12/2015 13:35 EST | Updated 11/12/2016 00:12 EST

Video captures skier's long, cartwheeling fall down Alaska mountain

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A professional skier who walked away after falling 1,600 feet (487 metres) down an Alaska mountain says the experience was "gnarly."

Video of Canadian skier Ian McIntosh cartwheeling down a near vertical mountain has gone viral this week.

The fall happened last April. McIntosh was being filmed for the Teton Gravity Research movie "Paradise Waits," which opens this week.

He says in a video posted on the company's website of that he saw a ridge in the snow and thought he could ski on either side of it. But his feet dropped out from under him.

A body camera and footage from a helicopter followed him down the mountain after he yelled, "No!"

The Associated Press