11/13/2015 08:32 EST | Updated 11/13/2015 08:59 EST

Canada's Job Market Is Shaky, But These Industries Are Hiring

Oil price crash or not, there are parts of Canada's economy that are humming along nicely. A lower loonie is boosting some exporters and cheaper gas prices are putting money in consumers’ pockets.

But finding work in Canada's shaky and unpredictable job market will depend at least in part on the industry you’re aiming for., a job-search indexing site, compiled data on listed job openings and found some industries are seeing large spikes in demand for employees, even as other industries shed jobs.

Your best bet today is the media sector, which includes jobs like graphic designer and communications specialist. Job openings in this area have soared by 23 per cent in the past year, says.

Other strong industries include real estate and hospitality, which got a boost “due to visitors taking advantage of Canada’s relatively weak dollar,” Indeed Canada VP of sales Jodi Kasten said in a statement.

The bad news is that Indeed is seeing declines in job postings in “bellwether” sectors like construction, manufacturing and transportation, “three areas that can ripple into other sectors of the job market if demand is low.”

So you may want to stay away from those industries for now. Also, in case it doesn’t go without saying, the resource sector isn’t a great place to find work at the moment. Indeed’s numbers on this sector aren’t comparable to the rest of their data, but its research shows energy job postings declined 16.9 per cent in terms of their share of jobs listed. Forestry fell 5 per cent and mining is down 2.3 per cent.

Here are the best and worst industries to find work in Canada, according to

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