David Hasselhoff Didn't Actually Change His Last Name

"The Hoff" pulled one over on many of us.

David Hasselhoff surprised many on Thursday when he claimed that he'd changed his last name, but turns out it was all a stunt.

The “Baywatch” actor announced via YouTube that he had ditched Hasselhoff in favour of simply "Hoff."

“I’ve been wanting to drop the hassle from my life for years,” he said. “Now, I have made it official: David Hoff.”

But the name change is actually part of an Australian ad campaign, the actor’s rep told ET.

The spokesperson also confirmed to US Weekly Thursday it was a joke.

“David is just having some fun and more will be revealed in the next 24 hours.”

So upset YouTube commenters can now calm down.

“It's a shame, the "Hassel" was such a spot on part, but whatever keeps you happy,” wrote one person.

“Wait what? Am I the only one that did not see that coming,” wrote another.

Looks like "The Hoff" pulled one over on many of us.

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