11/13/2015 12:32 EST | Updated 11/14/2015 05:59 EST

Molly Sims 'Didn't Eat' For Days And Would 'Walk 14 Miles A Day' To Remain A Size 0

She says she "didn't eat" for days and would sometimes walk 14 miles a day.

Molly Sims is opening up about the extreme measures she took to remain a size 0 during her modelling days.

In an interview with HuffPost Live, the 42-year-old supermodel reveals she struggled with the pressure to keep her body a certain size, especially when prepping for Sports Illustrated shoots.

"I would go to the ashram, I'd walk 14 miles a day," she says. "It was very difficult to stay the weight that you were supposed to stay."

She continues, "I mean, I'm genetically blessed in certain ways, but... it was very hard, I didn't eat sometimes for a couple of days."

Molly Sims on the runway at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2001 in Bryant Park, New York City

The mother-of-three even consulted a plastic surgeon at age 23, asking, "Is there any way you can make my calves smaller?" (The plastic surgeon sent her home.)

Sims says when she looks back at photos from herself at her modelling prime, she realizes she looked a lot better than she thought she did at the time.

"You never think you look good at the moment, but then you see that picture five years later and say, 'Damn girl, I look good.' At that time, I thought I was so heavy, isn't that crazy?"

Molly Sims on the runway at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2001 in Bryant Park, New York City.

Now, she's less focused on her appearance, and moreso on her family.

"Other things have become more important, what I look like, it doesn't have as much weight," she says. "I'm not consumed with trying to get into the size 2. Who gives a shit if I'm a size 6?"

"That's the obsessiveness we can get into, it's never feeling like you're good enough, it's trying to work on this, you see it play out right now in social media from the retouching. But what we all learn is that beauty isn't a size 2. it's not a size 4, it's not a size 12, it's how you feel."

Well said.

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