11/13/2015 13:42 EST | Updated 11/13/2016 00:12 EST

NHL defenceman accused of illegal bear hunt in B.C. plans to plead guilty: Crown

VANCOUVER — A Crown lawyer says an NHL player accused of illegally shooting a grizzly bear on British Columbia's central coast intends to plead guilty.

Clayton Stoner of the Anaheim Ducks faces five charges for a hunt in 2013, but his case was adjourned Friday.

Prosecutor Jim Cryder told a provincial court judge that he spoke with Stoner's lawyer, who said his client wants to enter a plea as soon as possible.

Cryder said outside court that Stoner is not legally required to attend the hearings and a lawyer can enter a plea on his behalf at a future date, which has not been set.

About a dozen activists who protested outside court and are demanding a ban on trophy hunting were disappointed about yet another postponement in the case.

Stoner has never denied the hunt that sparked outrage after photos surfaced showing him holding a bear's severed head.

The Canadian Press