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Style Faceoff: Justin Bieber vs. One Direction

Justin Bieber and One Direction both release albums on Nov. 13th, but who wins the style game?

Friday the 13th, a date that usually leaves us thinking something terrible is going to happen at any given moment, is different this time around as both Justin Bieber and One Direction have released their highly-anticipated albums on the same day (if that's not luck, we don't know what is!).

The music industry is already competitive enough as it is, but when it comes to the world of teenage heartthrobs, 1D and the Biebs have always been pinned against each other -- just ask the Beliebers and the Directioners. (For the record, the Canadian crooner and the British boy band are both perfect in our eyes.)

So as we wait patiently for the album sales of "Purpose" and "Made In The A.M." to roll in to see who really takes home the top prize, we've decided to take an investigative look into the stylings of One Direction and Justin Bieber. From the luscious locks to the bad boy digs, red carpet suits to fashionable hats, behold our style faceoff for two of the biggest (and most loved) acts in the world.

Justin's Ponytail vs. Harry's Man Bun

Great effort on both boys' part to nail two of the biggest male hair trends of the year, but Harry's perfectly sculpted man braids are just a work of art.

WINNER: One Direction

Young Justin's Style vs. Young One Direction's Style

Blast from the past! When looking at One Direction circa 2010 with their baggy jeans and circle scarves combo, it's clear they looked good together as an on-the-rise band. We love the grey, navy and black colour scheme going on (and Zayn Malik's glorious faux hawk).

On the other hand, young Biebs did Stanford, Ont. proud in that red plaid vest. Also, we totally miss Bieber's side swept hair? #bringitbackjustin

WINNER: Justin Bieber

Justin's Hoodie vs. Louis' Hoodie

We'll be honest: both looks are a little too casual for us. We always appreciate individuals who are willing to step outside of the fashion box, but Justin's matching threads paired with a dark brown beanie is look questionable. Meanwhile, Louis' all-Adidas athletic look makes us think he just finished soccer practice. But, considering the athleisure style is a serious trend now, we'll have to award this round to 1D.

WINNER: One Direction

Justin's Brimmed Hat vs. Liam's Brimmed Hat

While most people aren't even fans of the brimmed hat to begin with (which we find insulting, considering Pharrell rocks it like a pro), both Liam and Justin clearly love the style. Even though Justin's feather detailing on the tanned hat is a nice touch, the positioning of it on his head is a little too flat and straight. We're into Liam's classic black hat that falls lower on his head, still showing off his hair.

WINNER: One Direction

Justin's Red Carpet Look vs. One Direction's Red Carpet Look

While the One Direction boys busted out some great structured blazers for the Billboard Music Awards red carpet back in May, we were a bit thrown off by Louis' choice of light grey suede shoes while the rest of the gang donned black dress boots. And Niall, why the shades?

Justin's choice of a royal blue suit and skinny black tie for his Comedy Central roast, however, is a very dapper choice.

WINNER: Justin Bieber

Justin's Balmain vs. Harry's Burberry

Now this is tough, as both boys look incredible in their respective designer pieces. Justin rolled up to the 2015 Met Gala donning some glitzy gold from Olivier Rousteing's Balmain collection, along with a killer pair of shades for that extra touch of mysterious.

Harry, on the other hand, might be one of the only men to pull off an emerald velvet trench. Like the true Brit he is, he stands by Burberry's tailored and romantic styling.


Justin's Cap vs. Niall's Baseball Hat

Like many celebrities, Niall Horan is rocking a Yankees hat. We're a little over this, to be honest. Justin's grey cap with black mesh is very fashion-forward and we're loving it paired with the all red look.

WINNER: Justin Bieber

Justin's Saint Laurent Look vs. Harry's Saint Laurent Look

No! Don't make us choose between the leather jacket and the bomber! We can't handle the pressure!


"Purpose" Album Cover vs. "Made In The A.M." Album Cover

In this corner you have a sultry black and white cover from a tatted-up Bieber (bonus points for his gelled hair). In the other we have the four guys from 1D, chilling on a couch in dark jeans, T-shirts and button-up shirts (extra points for Harry Styles' tunic). We're just really digging the casual styling of 1D here. Very trendy, very wearable.

WINNER: One Direction

OVERALL CHAMP: One Direction, by a small margin.

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