11/13/2015 13:20 EST | Updated 11/13/2016 00:12 EST

Police reopen sex assault case after Anonymous posting draws attention

HALIFAX — The Halifax police say they have reopened an investigation into an alleged sexual assault after the group Anonymous posted a call for renewed action on social media.

Police spokeswoman Lauren Leal says investigators originally responded to a call from a third party about an alleged sexual assault in the city on Nov. 1.

She says the alleged victim initially told police she was sexually assaulted but later decided she did not want to proceed and police respected her wishes.

Leal says the sexual assault team would normally have renewed contact with the woman and it is not unusual for victims to initially decline due to trauma before deciding to proceed.

However, she says police also noticed social media comments under a video Anonymous posted online indicating the woman might be willing to proceed, and this played a role in investigators' decision to contact her.

A spokesman for Anonymous couldn't immediately be reached for comment.


The Canadian Press