11/13/2015 01:23 EST | Updated 11/13/2015 01:59 EST

UBC 'Hotline Bling' Dance Repeated 465 Times To Get Drake's Attention

How many students want to dance in a "Hotline Bling" video? Lots, apparently.

UBC is putting on a master class in vying for Drake's attention.

Social groups at the Vancouver campus set upa box equipped with colourful LED lights and invited students to get into the "bling box" and dance just like Drake did in his video, The Ubyssey reported.

The rapper's production has spawned countlessimpressions, but this is likely the first effort that will tweet each video clip at Drakeevery minute, for 12 hours straight on Friday.

The UBC project aims to produce 200 clips of people dancing (gloriously awkwardly, no doubt) to "Hotline Bling" for 10 seconds each.

Here was the first one:

And the second:

And the third:

The videos are part of an attempt to grab Drake's attention — and maybe even convince him to visit campus, UBC student council president Aaron Bailey told CBC News.

"It's spam in a sense, but more of a plea for attention," Bailey told the network.

After three days of filming, 2,000 students ended up dancing in a total of 465 videos.

Hilarious as the clips are, they still don't quite equal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair's take.

There was no word from Drake at press time. But if this can't grab the 6 God's attention, nothing will.

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