11/16/2015 11:34 EST | Updated 11/19/2015 02:59 EST

'Modern Family' Actress Ariel Winter Shuts Down Body Shamers On Instagram

"It sickens me to think at 17 years old, a photo of myself with my nieces is suggesting that I'm 'asking for it.'"

Ariel Winter doesn't have time for body shamers or Internet trolls.

The "Modern Family" star took to Instagram to post an innocent "flashback Friday" photo, where she is seen wearing a blue and white bandeau bikini while posing with her nieces on a boat. However, the post, which currently has 56,000 likes and 1,246 comments, brought out plenty of negative comments from body shamers who told the 17-year-old actress to "put some clothes on" and that she was "asking for it.'"

✌🏻️✌🏻 #mynieces #lovethem #fbf

A photo posted by Ariel Winter (@arielwinter) on

A second Instagram post followed shortly after with the young television star asking, "Who knew that an innocent photo with my nieces would turn into this?" The response photo, which shows the back of a woman's legs marked with labels of how society reads the length of a woman's skirt ("flirty" "cheeky" "slut"), was accompanied by a caption written by Winter slamming Internet bullies:

Supportive comments poured in for Ariel, who just recently underwent breast reduction surgery. Earlier this month, Winter faced another string of body shaming comments when she was compared to Ariana Grande on social media. However, both ladies joined forces to fight back and share love and body positivity.

Now that's what we call girl power.

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