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The Most Outrageous Things On Goop's 'Ridiculous (And Awesome)' Gift Guide

$46,000 Hermes Mah-jong set, anyone?

It's that time of year again!

Gwyneth Paltrow has released her 2015 Goop gift guide, and as the name suggests, it truly is "ridiculous."

The guide features "over-the-top indulgences," as the editor writes, including 18-karat gold dumbbells (a cool, $125,000) and an Hermes Mah-Jong set ($46,000). The entire gift guide will cost you more $519,505, not including the items marked "price upon request."

"This year we actually have a number of gift guides, but one of them is just called 'Ridiculous,'" Paltrow said in an interview with Katie Couric on Tuesday. "I think there’s a trip to space on there, and a hot air balloon or something. I think the most ridiculous thing is there’s a website that’s selling solid-gold dumbbells."

But as Fast Company notes, the 43-year-old actress turned lifestyle guru is "trolling us right back" with her outrageous gift suggestions, attracting more people to Goop in the process.

And we have to hand it to Gwyneth and her team -- because it's working. And in all fairness, there are some items that won't set you back on your mortgage (we can totally justify a $28 Dior nail polish). As Goop says, "There's a little ridiculous for every budget."

Behold, some of the most outrageous things on Goop's 'Ridiculous (and Awesome)' Gift Guide below:

Goop's 'Ridiculous (And Awesome)' Gift Guide 2015

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