11/17/2015 02:13 EST | Updated 11/25/2015 03:59 EST

'100 Years of Beauty' In Ethiopia Video Is The Series' First African Country

For its thirteenth “100 Years of Beauty” video, showcases Ethiopian beauty styles through the last 10 decades.

In less than two minutes, model Feven G. is transformed into the looks that have trended in the East-African country for the past century. She starts with straight back cornrows with gold accessories to mimic Empress Taytu Betul of the 1910s. Free-flowing wavy hair was rocked widely in the 1930s. Red lips and a headscarf were in fashion worldwide in the fifties, and Ethiopia was no exception. And one YouTuber commented that they also weren’t spared the style tragedy that was the '80s.

So far, this is the first African country to be featured in the series. Once you’ve cycled through the video, check out the behind the scenes stories of the historical women who inspired these tribute looks.

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