11/18/2015 02:47 EST | Updated 11/18/2015 02:59 EST

Rick Mercer: Trudeau's To-Do List Means The Honeymoon's Over

"We have moved on to an arranged marriage."

The honeymoon's over.

That was the key message in a rant from CBC comedian Rick Mercer Tuesday that sought to remind Canadians that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has an awfully big to-do list.

The host of the "Mercer Report," whose monologues for the past decade would often target former prime minister Stephen Harper and members of his government, set his sights on Trudeau for the first time since he was elected on Oct. 19.

The new prime minister, Mercer argued, is currently enjoying a period where he can do no wrong.

"We have moved on to an arranged marriage. Let the nagging begin."

[Trudeau] "could wake up tomorrow morning, invoke the War Measures Act, go to lunch, get hammered, back the convertible into a lake and a lot of Canadians would say, 'Yeah, okay, but at least he's not as secretive as Stephen Harper was,'" he said.

"And I think a lot of people in the media might report the entire incident as a triumph for multitasking."

The host appealed for Canadians to get over this "sunny ways business" — a phrase Trudeau has used to reflect a more hopeful and optimistic style of leadership. In November, Mercer explained, the days get dark pretty fast.

The host said Trudeau made 325 promises in the campaign, a tally he credited to the National Post.

Since "honeymoons and to-do lists do not go hand-in-hand," Mercer suggested it's time to get over the fact that there's new guy in charge and start pestering him.

"For the country's sake, for the prime minister's sake, let's all agree the honeymoon is over," he said. "We have moved on to an arranged marriage. Let the nagging begin."

The rant made no mention of the attacks in Paris last week that sparked criticism in some circles of Trudeau's plan to withdraw Canadian jets from the fight against ISIS and bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada before the end of the year.


Some political pundits have urged Trudeau to reverse his pledge to end Canada's combat mission against ISIS, arguing that what just happened in France has changed everything.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has called on Trudeau to suspend his refugee plan, citing security concerns. Wall said the death of 129 people in Paris shows the "destruction even a small number of malevolent individuals can inflict upon a peaceful country."

And top Conservatives have become more and more vocal with their criticisms of Canada's new leader.

Tory MP Candice Bergen, who weeks ago urged her party to take a more respectful tone with Trudeau, tweeted this week that his position on fighting and refugees has left her "embarrassed and sickened."

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