11/19/2015 12:45 EST | Updated 11/20/2015 03:59 EST

Kevin Hart Slips Up In Saskatoon, Literally

Kevin Hart/Facebook

It looks like Saskatoon's icy weather got the better of comedian Kevin Hart.

The American stand-up comic took the stage at the SaskTel Centre on Tuesday evening, at the same time a massive winter storm was blowing into the city.

So on Wednesday morning, Hart and some pals decided to go for a five-kilometre jog. (When he's not cracking jokes, Hart can usually be found working out — he was even on the cover of Men's Health magazine earlier this year.)

In a video posted to Facebook and Instagram, Hart turns to the camera and says, "Let's get this run in, baby. Hustle hard."

His buddies take off without issue. The same can't be said for Hart.

"I lost my damn mind in Saskatoon this morning trying to run in the snow ... Usually it's #HustleHart today I had to #HustleSmart ... I went inside #DontJudgeMe," Hart writes in the video's caption on Facebook.

As of Thursday morning, the video had over two million views on Facebook, and 250,000 likes on Instagram.

Even though Hart slipped up on his run, it sounds like he was still a hit at the previous night's show.

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