Big Mac Sushi Roll Looks Surprisingly Good In This Chef's Hands

Do you have fries with that?

What happens when you buy a Big Mac and bring it to a sushi restaurant?

Deliciousness, that's what.

Sushi chef Hiroyuki Terada is known for making creative concoctions out of foods you might not expect.

The executive chef at Nove Kitchen and Bar in Miami, Fla. has made rolls out of Nutella and cheesecake, filet mignon and bacon.

But a Big Mac? That's a whole new challenge entirely.

A video posted to YouTube on Saturday shows Terada rolling up and slicing the popular McDonald's burger.

He sprinkles it with barbecue sauce, spicy mayo and greens to make a roll you could almost pass off as a high-class dish.

We're pretty particular about our sushi around here. But we wouldn't be above trying this out.

To be honest, it looks like it tastes better than a regular Big Mac.

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