11/20/2015 07:20 EST | Updated 11/20/2016 05:12 EST

Greg Selinger: Sell Marijuana Through Government Liquor Stores

WINNIPEG — Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger says government liquor stores are the best place to sell marijuana if and when the federal government legalizes the drug.

Selinger says Manitoba Liquor Mart outlets have staff that are well-trained on the potential risks of alcohol, and he suggests they would be in the same position to provide advice about marijuana.

He says there would be no requirement for workers to consume the drug.

Selinger adds there would probably be some private involvement too.

Liquor is sold in private outlets in some rural Manitoba areas where there is no government store, and Selinger says he expects that model could be used for marijuana as well.

Selinger says many of the details have yet to be worked out, because the federal government will determine how the drug will be available.

"We'd like to do it under the existing system we have, which is a publicly offered service, with some exceptions in small communities where there is no (government) provision," he said Thursday.

"We would want any employee in one of our outlets to be well-trained, to be able to inform the public of any of the potential health risks or safety risks, and do it without consuming the products."