11/20/2015 12:48 EST

15 Classic Snacks From Around The World

Don't knock them until you try them.

One of the best things about travelling is getting a chance to taste all the amazing flavours from around the world.

In the infographic below by, we take a look at 15 snack foods from around the world. From currywurst to conch salad, tamales to mini dried crabs, these snacks are rich in flavour and tradition.

While some of these foods might look a little intimidating to those who those who haven't tried them, many are local favourites with a surprisingly mild flavour. Take the witchetty grub, for example. This large white larvae, which is found in the Australian outback, is said to taste like prawns when raw, and chicken when cooked.

Of course, some of these snacks are also pretty commonly found in Canada. Aside from our classic poutine, many bakeries carry Argentinian alfajores and Egyptian halawa (of which there are many iterations from around the world). And step into an ethnic food store and you'll easily spot dried crabs, pork scratchings and plenty of tamales.

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