11/22/2015 02:04 EST | Updated 08/29/2017 12:20 EDT

Chris Hadfield's Thoughts On Humanity Have Never Been More Relevant

"We're all in this together".

Chris Hadfield's been around the world over a dozen times. But he didn't make it happen by boat, car, or plane.

The first Canadian to walk in space pulled off the feat by orbiting Earth while commanding the International Space Station back in 2013.

Hadfield took note of a few things after his first time around the planet, but says he learned something even more important after his "thousandth" time orbiting Earth.

"When you launch you are looking at the definite edges of things. The borders of areas that you knew, the limits of your own understanding," says Hadfield.

"But by the time you've been around the world over and over and over again, those edges blur."

Watch the video above to find out how seeing the world from space changed his perception of human boundaries.

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