11/23/2015 02:53 EST | Updated 11/23/2015 02:59 EST

Daisy The Dog Runs For The First Time In Prosthetic Limbs

Daisy the dog was born with a condition that made it impossible for her to run, but with the help of prosthetic legs, she's proves anything is possible.

The adorable chihuahua mix, who is just over two years old, was born with deformed elbows, right shoulder and back hips, the Daily Mail reports.

After being found on the streets of Los Angeles, Daisy was scheduled to be euthanized at two months, but was rescued by A Home 4Ever Rescue. This eventually ended up being Daisy's new home with owners Sheena and Christian Main.

But the Mains weren't just satisfied with giving Daisy a home, they wanted to give her legs as well. While Daisy was using a wheelchair, it was putting pressure on the small dog's spine. Sheena contacted a veterinarian to see if Daisy could be fitted for prosthetics.

A few months later, Daisy is happily running on her own.

Watch the video below to see Daisy in action and follow Daisy's progress at

Disabled Dog, Daisy Leaned How To Run In Prosthetic Legs

Daisy is now RUNNING! Both her ears and spirit are bouncing with joy.

Posted by Daisy Underbite on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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