11/23/2015 10:35 EST

Doo Doo The Clown Saves 2 Women From Rampaging Man

His name is Doo Doo.

And though the clown has been all about funny business since 1980, what he saw and did on Sunday was as serious as it gets.

The Toronto entertainer — whose real name is Shane Farberman — saved two women from a man who went on a rampage, according to the Toronto Sun.

Farberman said on Facebook he was driving downtown after working holiday parties. Still in costume, he spotted a man near Front and Bathurst streets behaving strangely.

“He was out to get whoever he could,” Farberman told CityNews. “He was walking on cars and punching things.”

Not an ordinary day. Today after doing some holiday parties this happened, check it out in the link below.

Posted by Doo Doo The International Clown on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Farberman followed the man and called the cops. He then saw the suspect, who was filmed on Farberman's dashboard camera, approach two women and hit one of them in the shoulder.

“I rolled down the window and screamed, ‘Get in my car,’ probably 20 times," he told the Sun.

When the women got in, the man began attacking the vehicle. Farberman said two other clowns, one who was pregnant, were also in the car.

"He grabbed the mirror, put his feet up on the door and just ripped it right off. He wasn’t talking, it was more like growling," he said.

Later, police arrived and apprehended the man.

The suspect underwent psychological evaluation in hospital and charges are pending, according to CityNews.

“I’m just glad everyone is OK,” Farberman said. “It took eight officers to hold that guy down.”

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