11/23/2015 10:26 EST | Updated 11/23/2015 10:59 EST

'Rugrats' Grown Up: Artist Imagines What The Characters Would Look Like


It's been 25 years since Nickelodeon's "Rugrats" first aired on TV. Yes, really.

So now's a perfect time to revisit this television favourite and see what the toddlers look like as grown-ups. In one artist's eyes, anyway.

Eric Molinsky was a storyboard artist for Klasky Csupo, the animation studio that has produced shows like "Rugrats," "Duckman" and "The Wild Thornberrys," between 1999 and 2002.

Today, he's a radio reporter who writes at website Studio 360. And on Wednesday, he shared a series of sketches of what the characters might look like as adults.

Molinsky said he was bothered by previous interpretations that make them look like "fashion models" or "self-confident hipsters."

So he sketched the grown-up "Rugrats" as something closer to how you might remember them.

"They probably grew up to be average if not slightly lumpy looking people — just like their parents," Molinsky wrote.

Tommy Pickles, for one, turns out to look a great deal like his father Stu, a toy inventor, while Chuckie looks every bit the neurotic best friend he was in the show.

Tommy's ruthless cousin Angelica looks to have grown up into a powerful, assertive businessperson.

And so does her friend Susie Carmichael.

This isn't the first time that artists have interpreted what the "Rugrats" characters might look like as grown-ups.

Here's how artist Isaiah Stephens imagined them:

Tommy Pickles:

Chuckie Finster:

Susie Carmichael:

Kimi Finster:

Maybe not quite the interpretation Molinsky had in mind.

But it's still interesting to see these characters from different perspectives.

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