11/24/2015 12:49 EST | Updated 11/24/2015 12:59 EST

Ten Second Songs' 25 Versions Of Adele's 'Hello' Is Absolutely Remarkable

Adele seems to be on everyone's mind lately and with so many amazing versions of her newest hit "Hello," this one by Ten Second Songs is a complete pleasure to watch.

Artist Anthony Vincent of the popular YouTube channel released a video of Adele's latest hit in 25 distinct voices on Monday. And when we say distinct, we mean it — Vincent has managed to add a hint of Adele to pop, hip hop and even metal. So really, even if you've been pretending to hate the new song, there's something for every musical taste.

And not only are we impressed with Vincent's talented voice (he goes from Elton John to Prince to Guns N' Roses), but he also manages to play several instruments and act as his own background singer.

In a behind-the-scenes video released on the same day, Vincent says it's not about creating impersonations, but more of a production.

"I wanna recreate the artists' sound," he says in the video.

Check out the full video above and follow Vincent here.


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