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Changes to Nova Scotia law would require parents to notify about pending move

HALIFAX — Parents who have gone through a break-up would be required to give notification of a pending move under proposed changes to Nova Scotia's Maintenance and Custody Act.

Justice Minister Diana Whalen says the change would require a parent to give maximum written notice of a move to another town or province to the other parent or guardians of a child.

Whalen says if that can't be done at least 60 days in advance of the moving date then reasons would have to be provided within the written notification.

Other changes would see parents required to submit a parenting plan that outlines each parents' responsibilities and the living arrangements for a child.

The changes to the Nova Scotia law would bring the province in line with similar changes made in provinces such as British Columbia and Manitoba.

Whalen said the name of the legislation would also be changed to the Parenting and Support Act.

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