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Timeline of events at Charbonneau inquiry into construction corruption

MONTREAL — Quebec Superior Court Justice France Charbonneau issued her report on Tuesday into corruption in the province's construction industry. The inquiry tackled illegal political party financing, collusion among engineering contracts, and organized crime's tentacles in the industry.

Here are some key dates:

November 2011: Then-premier Jean Charest creates the commission after months of public pressure.

May 2012: Charbonneau makes her opening statement.

June 2012: First batch of witnesses testify, including Quebec's former so-called anti-corruption czar, Jacques Duchesneau.

September 2012: Longtime FBI agent Joseph Pistone testifies about the Mafia's long-standing involvement in the construction industry. He infiltrated the Mafia under the name "Donnie Brasco.''

October 2012: Former construction boss Lino Zambito delivers bombshell testimony about a Mafia tax on projects, a cut for the municipal party and corrupt city officials who were accepting kickbacks.

November 2012: Gerald Tremblay quits as Montreal mayor after testimony that he turned a blind eye to illegal fundraising.

March 2013: The government extends the commission's mandate until April 19, 2015.

April 2013: Tremblay is called and gives his version of events.

January 2014: Testimony produces a wiretap where union bosses alleged they had a deal with the husband of then-Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois to get her to oppose the creation of any such public inquiry.

January 2014: Charbonneau releases interim report.

May 2014: Former Liberal transport minister Julie Boulet becomes the highest-ranking current politician to testify.

June 2014: Ex-deputy premier Nathalie Normandeau testifies.

September 2014: Antonio Accurso, a high-profile Quebec businessman, former construction magnate and central inquiry figure, appears at the commission.

September 2014: Testimony portion wraps up with last witness.

Nov. 14, 2014: Charbonneau gives closing statement.

Feb. 11, 2015: The Quebec government extends the deadline for Charbonneau to submit her report to Nov. 30, 2015, from April 2015.

Nov. 24, 2015: Charbonneau releases her report.

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