Adele, The Roots And Jimmy Fallon Perform 'Hello' With Kids' Instruments

Okay, just one more version.

With all the covers and renditions of Adele's "Hello" floating around these days, you'd think we'd be over it by now.

And we were, until we heard this version by Adele, The Roots and Jimmy Fallon. Not content with snagging the award-winning singer as a mere musical guest, Fallon convinced the 27-year-old artist to sing her hit while he and the house band provided the beat using nothing but classroom instruments.

From a banana-shaped maraca to a set of bongos to a xylophone and ukulele, these elementary school instruments provide a surprisingly sweet sound behind Adele's soulful voice.

Watch the video above to see the group in action and skip ahead to the 2:14 minute mark to see Adele have some fun with a plastic cellphone.