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The Condom Challenge Is Going Viral For Safe Sex Awareness

What would happen if you dropped a condom full of water on your head?

What would happen if I dropped this condom full of water on my head?

Well, we can’t imagine anyone asking that question, but nevertheless we know the answer.

Seemingly inspired by the ice bucket challenge that stormed the Internet in 2014 to raise awareness about ALS, the #condomchallenge is the newest viral dare.

Young people around the world are filling up condoms with water and dropping them over their friends’ heads to promote safe sex. The supposed idea behind the challenge is to show just how durable and pliable condoms are (especially when used correctly), and stir up the conversation around using protection.

If executed correctly, the condom will not break, but instead simply swallow your friend's noggin, giving them a hilarious “bubble-face.”

If done incorrectly, you may get this:

Some Twitter users and doctors have pointed out that this experiment could be dangerous, worrying that the condom could obstruct someone’s airway.

This challenge seems to have started with this video from Japan that was uploaded to YouTube in mid-November. The trend has since spread across the world with more than three million people having a laugh at all of these videos. There’s even a Twitter account dedicated to re-sharing these posts.

Condom brand Durex has also started a campaign to get a safe sex emoji added to the picto-vocabulary. Their marketing director, Karen Chisholm, said in a statement that an emoji like this can allow young people to overcome the embarrassment that can come with discussing safe sex and the importance of using condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

While the ice bucket challenge was used to encourage people to donate to the ALS Association, this one doesn’t seem to be aimed at raising funds, but instead, to dispel condom myths.

Basically, if a rubber device can hold this much water and engulf your head without breaking, it can also fit over any penis, and stay intact during sex. No excuses.

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