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Crown says Guy Turcotte drank windshield fluid after killing kids

SAINT-JEROME, Que. — The Crown prosecutor in the Guy Turcotte murder case says the accused consumed windshield washer fluid after stabbing his children to death, contradicting a key defence argument.

Rene Verret told the jury in his closing arguments today he's basing his assertion on several pieces of evidence, including blood present on the washer bottle and a nearby glass.

The defence has argued that a suicidal Turcotte began drinking the washer fluid to kill himself and then decided to take his children with him when he felt he was dying.

But an expert for the Crown testified that given the levels of methanol in Turcotte's blood, he actually drank the liquid shortly before his arrest the morning after the slayings in February 2009.

Verret says the only evidence he drank it beforehand comes from the accused himself.

The Crown says the ex-cardiologist's intention to kill his children that night was clear and that the prosecution didn't need to prove a motive, although Verret suggested vengeance against his ex-wife as a hypothesis.

"When a man stabs his children, who are five and three years old, 46 times, we presume that he intended to cause their deaths," said Verret, who reminded the jury of an expert's testimony that the children's hearts were still beating when they were mortally wounded.

For the first time since her testimony, Isabelle Gaston, the mother of the two children, Olivier and Anne-Sophie, was in the courtroom.

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