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How To Dress Like An Off-Duty Supermodel

Because we want to be fashionable like Kate Moss.

Have you ever wondered how Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne or Kendall Jenner get their impeccable and oh-so-chic off-duty styles? Because, seriously, they always look so cool.

Well, Monica Richards from ModaMob is here to share six style secrets that will help you achieve that It girl status. Off-duty fashion is all about an eye-catching completer piece, that is, a third piece that will pull your outfit together, and transform something as simple as a T-shirt and jeans into a "cool girl wowfit." Think fur vests and leather motorcycle jackets.

Richards also stresses the importance of a duster jacket and laid-back sneakers for that comfy, effortless vibe.

Ready to channel your inner Kate Moss? Watch the video above to learn how to dress like an off-duty supermodel.

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