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Nova Scotia proposes blood alcohol content rules for supervisory drivers

HALIFAX — Drivers who supervise learners or newly licensed drivers in Nova Scotia will now be required to maintain a blood alcohol content level below .05 under proposed legislative amendments.

Transportation Minister Geoff MacLellan says the move is to address concerns that were raised when changes were made to the province's graduated drivers licensing program in the fall of 2014.

Under the original changes there were no rules requiring supervisory drivers to be sober.

MacLellan says the supervisory parties will immediately lose their licence for at least seven days under the new amendments if their blood alcohol content exceeds the .05 limit.

The changes will also make fines for offences related to pedestrian and vehicle collisions consistent.

A fine of at least $697.50 would be levelled for offences such as failing to yield to a pedestrian or failing to yield to a vehicle or to obey a crossing guard.

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