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'Scud Stud' Arthur Kent appearing as witness in his defamation lawsuit against Postmedia

CALGARY — A former TV journalist will return to the witness stand Wednesday in his defamation lawsuit against one of Canada's largest media companies and columnist Don Martin.

Arthur Kent is suing Martin, Postmedia and the National Post over a 2008 article alleging he was defamed during his unsuccessful campaign to win a seat in Calgary for the Progressive Conservatives.

The column at issue ran under the headline "Alberta's 'Scud Stud' a 'Dud' on Campaign Trail."

Kent got the nickname for his reporting on Iraqi missile strikes for NBC during the Gulf War.

Kent, 61, began his testimony late Tuesday and recounted for the court his professional history, which included several awards including two Emmys and plaudits for his career in journalism.

"None of it's incorrect, but it brings a blush," Kent said.

He also discussed how he got to rub elbows with the rich and famous, including newscaster Walter Cronkite as well as columnist Barbara Amiel and "Sex and the City" actress Kim Cattrall, whom he met at a Macleans magazine event.

"I was most pleased to rescue her from a group of businessmen who surrounded her. Fortunately, she recognized me," Kent said with a smile.

Martin's column quoted unnamed sources who described Kent as an out-of-control candidate who failed to toe the party line and was difficult to deal with. They said Kent wasn't co-operating with the Progressive Conservative party and that a number of key campaign members were threatening to quit.

Postmedia denies Kent's accusations and argues it was practising responsible journalism. The company has emphasized the media's role in informing voters about candidates' policies and actions.

Kent is expected to be on the witness stand until Thursday.

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