11/26/2015 03:02 EST | Updated 11/26/2016 05:12 EST

Halifax Diver Finds Unopened Bottle Of Beer From The 1800s

Walter Bibikow via Getty Images
HALIFAX — An amateur scuba diver has recovered a bottle from the bottom of Halifax harbour that could contain beer that is more than a century old.

After Jon Crouse pulled the green, glass bottle from the silt under three metres of water, he discovered that its cork was still intact and it was half full of a cloudy, sudsy liquid.

Crouse later spotted a logo on the side of the cork that says, A. Keith & Son Brewery, the previous name of the now famous Halifax-based Alexander Keith's brewing company.

Markings on the bottom of the well-preserved bottle indicate it was made in England in the late 1800s by Nutall & Co., which routinely exported its products for use in Canada.

Crouse says he's not interested in drinking the bottle's contents, but the owner of a local beer bar says if sea water hasn't made it past the cork, the beer inside would be drinkable.

Chris Reynolds, a self-described beer nerd, says the alcohol in the beer would protect it from poisonous pathogens — but in all likelihood, the beer itself would taste terrible.


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