11/26/2015 05:31 EST | Updated 11/26/2015 05:59 EST

Calgary Man's Truck Gets Stolen, Crashed Twice In Same Morning


Think you're unlucky? You probably don't have it this bad — a Calgary man had his truck stolen and crashed twice in a single day.

Early Tuesday, a Ford F350 truck was stolen from the Calgary community of Cranston. But the thief didn't make it far — the truck crashed into a parked car a few feet away and was abandoned.

When the owner discovered the attempted theft, he called police. However, he couldn't turn his truck off — the accident damaged the ignition.

While he was waiting inside for police to arrive, he witnessed a woman hop into the running truck, and take off. He ran after her long enough to see it lose control, spin out and get stuck in a neighbour's driveway.

The woman took off on foot, but police caught her just as she was attempting to make a getaway in a nearby vehicle.

Kayla Lynn-Ann Russell, 28, is charged with one count of theft of a motor vehicle, one count of driving without a licence, one count of driving without insurance, two counts of being unlawfully at large and a number of other unrelated charges.

It's not known if Russell was involved in the first attempted theft as well.

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