11/26/2015 09:04 EST

Chris Hadfield Introduces Us To His Granddaughter In The Best Possible Way

On Thursday, retired astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield sent out his cutest tweet yet -- a photo of his baby granddaughter.

In the picture, she is wearing an adorable onesie that resembles a flight suit. And her grandpa couldn't be more proud. In the caption he wrote: "My granddaughter Eleanor just got her first flight suit. I'm delighted to watch her grow into it."

His followers quickly reacted with approving comments like "Cuteness overload!" and "Sweet little explorer."

Hadfield and his wife Helene have been married for nearly 35 years. They have three children: Kristin, Kyle and Evan.

According to Kristin, none of his kids will follow his footsteps in space: “My brothers are both colour-blind, so neither of them could become astronauts — even if they wanted to — and I get motion-sick so I would be a very poor astronaut candidate. I don’t think any of us have had any interest either.”

So it looks like it's up to Eleanor. And she's got a great start!

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