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Calgary Board Of Education Pauses Student Trips Over Terrorism Fears

"Recent global events have caused us to take time to reflect on trips outside of Canada."

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PARIS, FRANCE - NOVEMBER 27: People with candle at the 'Place de la Republique' in memory of the 130 victims of the Paris terrorist attacks on November 27, 2015 in Paris, France. French President Francois Hollande called on all French citizens to hang the tricolore national flag from their windows to pay tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks. (Photo by Patrick Aventurier/Getty Images)

Calgary's public school board is putting all international trips on hold over concerns about violence overseas.

"Recent global events have caused us to take time to reflect on trips outside of Canada," said a Calgary Board of Education press release Friday. "For now any schools planning international trips have been asked to pause trip planning activities."

Lisa Davis, president of the Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils, told CBC News, "I think there's no question, with the current events, with the fact that you have France in a state of emergency, and you have other Western democracies at a high terror threat, this is very prudent of them to take a look at whether this is the right time to be travelling."

The attacks in Paris and Belgium have led Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs to release advisories for visitors traveling to each region.

"Recent global events have caused us to take time to reflect on trips outside of Canada."

School board officials said they will be meeting with parents, teachers, and students slated to go on trips in order to determine their next move. The final decision should be made next month, according to the Calgary Herald.

The Edmonton Public School Board is putting trips on hold as well. Students from Lillian Osborne High School were told their trip to Paris was cancelled just days before they were scheduled to present at a youth climate-change conference in the city.

“We totally understand why the trip has been cancelled,” school principal Janet Hancock said to Metro News. “Our students have tremendous empathy for what happened in Paris.”

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