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Grey Cup 2015: 6 Insane Moments From CFL History

Fistfights, terrorists and fog, oh my!

CFL legends put their dukes up.

Some rivalries never die. That much is true of CFL veterans Angelo Mosca and Joe Kapp, who were embroiled in a tussle at a luncheon ahead of the 2011 Grey Cup in Vancouver.

It began when Kapp tried to hand Mosca some flowers in a peaceful gesture. Mosca rejected them, Kapp approached again, and they started exchanging blows.

The incident happened 48 years after the latter leveled a questionable hit on the former's teammate in the 1963 Grey Cup. Clearly, bad blood still boils between these two.

The Montreal Alouettes miss a game-winning field goal. Then something incredible happens.

The Montreal Alouettes had a 2010 regular season game against the Toronto Argonauts all but locked up when it came time for Damon Duval to kick a field goal.

The kick went wide, Toronto kicked it out, Duval kicked it back, then Montreal recovered it for a touchdown to win the game after all.

The "Fog Bowl."

The 1962 Grey Cup between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats was played in a fog so deep that the game was suspended with the Bombers leading 28-27. They ended up winning the game with that very score the following day.

Terrorists threaten the Grey Cup.

The 1969 Grey Cup in Montreal came amid a heated political situation.

Earlier that year, members of national group the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) carried out bombings at the Montreal Stock Exchange and at the home of Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau.

Matters became extra tense for the game when then prime minister Pierre Trudeau, who was "hated by the Quebec nationalists," announced that he would attend the game. Ottawa Rough Riders quarterback Russ Jackson received death threats ahead of the matchup.

But it was played without incident after police searched carefully for bombs. Ottawa emerged victorious, winning 29-11.

That's the way the ball bounces.

Call it the catch that wasn't. Edmonton Eskimos quarterback Danny McManus passed to teammate Eddie Brown in the 1996 Grey Cup against the Toronto Argonauts. He didn't catch the ball so much as grab it after it bounced off his cleat.

He would run for a touchdown, but his team would fall to the Argos 43-37.

The 13th man.

The Seattle Seahawks have retired the number "12" in honour of their fans, whom they consider the "12th man" on the field. The Montreal Alouettes, meanwhile, ought to retire the number "13" in honour of the 2009 Grey Cup.

That year, a potential game-winning field goal by Damon Duval went wide. But he had a chance to do it again when the Saskatchewan Roughriders were penalized for having too many men on the field. Duval kicked a second time, and the Alouettes were champions after winning 28-27.

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