11/27/2015 02:27 EST | Updated 12/23/2015 10:59 EST

Toronto Zoo Giant Panda Cubs Are Getting More Adorable By The Week

Toronto's newest (and growing) treasures.

Toronto's littlest treasures and getting bigger by the week.

The Toronto Zoo's giant panda cubs (who are still nameless, so maybe send them some options) are doing "very well," the zoo reports.

"The giant panda keepers and Chinese experts continue to twin-swap the cubs with [mother] Er Shun and as they grow, and both cubs are being supplemented with formula," the zoo said in a statement on Friday.

Cubs on a blanket.

At six weeks old, both cubs have been moved into a larger incubator after growing out their old one. In the video above, you can see both cubs stretch and wiggle.

One club chilling with his or her mama.

The zoo says both cubs are spending time with their mom Er Shun, unless she's eating bamboo.

"Since Er Shun is a lactating mother, staff have been very focused on increasing her bamboo intake which is very important to maintain her milk production," the zoo notes.

Both cubs in their incubator.

The cubs were born on Oct. 13, and even though both seem to be doing well, this is still considered a critical time for the cubs. They are not expected to be on display to the public until mid-March, 2016.


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