11/29/2015 01:38 EST | Updated 12/06/2015 11:59 EST

'Sophia The First,' A Canadian Toddler, Names Members Of Justin Trudeau's Cabinet (VIDEO)

"Sophia the First" can match the ministers' names with their designations, even though they've only had the positions for three weeks.

Can you identify up to 10 members of Justin Trudeau's cabinet when given their title? This Canadian toddler can.

While these Canadian cabinet ministers have only held their positions for just over three weeks, young Sophia Popalyar — who is dubbed a "toddler and future politician" — is able to match the name to their designation.

In a video uploaded to her "Sophia the First" YouTube channel on Friday, the child is asked by her father to connect the dots between these politicians and their freshly-appointed jobs. He begins by asking her to identify herself, then, with some prompting, asks her about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"Do you know who the prime minister is?" asks her father. "Justin Trudeau," she replies, sheepishly.

The questioning continues.

"Sorry? Sophia, look at me. Who is the prime minister?"

"Justin Trudeau!"

"The honourable?"

"The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau!"

"The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, excellent."

Sophia goes on to successfully name Canada's ministers of immigration, global affairs, health, finance, justice, national defence, public safety, transport and indigenous and northern affairs. When asked who her favourite minister is, she replied with Maryam Monsef, the democratic institutions minister from the riding of Peterborough-Kawartha in Ontario.

Monsef retweeted several tweets that included Sophia's video on her official account.

The video was initially shared on social media by Fawad Popalyar the same day it was posted to YouTube, but this is not Sophia's first shot at viral fame. Her YouTube channel also includes her renditions of Katy Perry's "Roar" and the nursery rhyme, "Peter Piper."

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