11/30/2015 01:26 EST | Updated 11/30/2015 01:59 EST

Edeka's Touching Christmas Ad Will Make You Think Twice About Holiday Plans

When families grow older together, it’s easy to let sibling and parental relationships stretch, thin, and fall apart.

Time can sometimes be the hardest gift to give someone.

So in a bid to remind people about the point of Christmas, German grocer Edeka released an ad Saturday focused on family, unabashedly tugging at heartstrings.

The ad uses a vignette of an elderly man repeatedly sidelined by his busy children during the holidays. He lives with his dog and chops carrots in his kitchen when a voicemail from his daughter plays.

“We’ll try again next year. It’ll work out, I promise. Merry Christmas, daddy,” she says off-camera.

He eats his Christmas dinner alone, again.

Then his children, scattered around the world, receive obituaries and calls. The message is a macabre one: there will be no more Christmas dinners with Grandpa.

The children come together for a memorial, but when they step inside the family home, a strange sight awaits them. A table fully set and a Christmas tree decorated and lit. The elderly man appears from the kitchen, dressed in a buttoned cardigan and tie, and looks at his family.

“How else could I have brought you all together, Mmh?”

Any feelings of deception are seemingly forgiven and the family is shown regaling in each other's company. The clip wraps with a short but poignant message: “Time to come home.”

BRB. There’s something in our eyes.

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