12/01/2015 04:24 EST | Updated 12/01/2015 06:59 EST

Nanaimo Marijuana Dispensaries Raided By RCMP

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NANAIMO, B.C. — RCMP have raided several marijuana dispensaries in the Vancouver Island city of Nanaimo.

Mounties say they have executed search warrants at three pot shops.

The warrants were served nearly three weeks after cease-and-desist letters were handed to the operators of 10 dispensaries, giving them seven days to close their doors or face possible charges.

Cpl. Jon Stuart says in a news release that two of the shops have shut down since then.

Stuart does not say if or when warrants will be served on the remaining five dispensaries.

He says the Nanaimo detachment is acting because it has received complaints about illegal marijuana storefronts selling drugs to young people or those without a prescription.

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